Executive Chef Brian Waters

Chef Brian Waters, a native Beaufortonian, began his cooking career with Plums Inc. some 11 years ago by chance. What started as a side job in the kitchen of Plums Restaurant has turned into a full-fledged career as the Chef of one of the top restaurants in Beaufort, Saltus River Grill.

Waters’ talents were quickly identified and he soon found himself studying under then Saltus Chef James Spratling for several years. His exceptional work allowed him ample opportunity to meet and learn from renowned regional chefs by way of events like the annual “Chef’s Feast” and “Great Chef” occasions. Through guidance from Spratling and various professional development opportunities provided by Plums Inc., Waters has been able to dive into the culinary trade and find his unique voice.

“I can remember being fascinated while watching my grandmother cook when I was a child; baking fresh biscuits every morning; picking corn out of the garden in the backyard, helping her shuck it, and then going inside and making it into creamed corn; watching her behead, scale, and break down countless fish and think “that is something I’d like to learn how to do.”

Waters’ goals for Saltus involve maintaining a commitment to serve as many local products and house-made items as possible and making every effort to refine – and redefine – the dining experience for his guests.