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      First time here in South Carolina & was expecting a wonderful meal with the southern hospitality everyone raves about here in the south. The service was absolutely AWFUL & we left terribly disappointed. We came down here from Massachusetts to get my mother out of her same everyday routine after losing our father (her husband) in September. For the first time in months we got ready, put makeup on and ventured out to Saltus. Please be mindful I have been in the serving industry for over 12 years - from serving, bartending, managing, marketing, etc. For starters our waitress took forever to greet us which I totally understand on a busy Saturday night but that's besides the point. We then ordered our drinks and appetizers - our appetizers came out cold. Again - completely understand that's not the waitresses' fault. We just let her know and she assured us fresh hot ones will be right out. Half hour later our waitress comes to the table and points at the truffle fries that have been rotting in front of us and goes are those the new ones? We told her no & that we have just been poking at them due to the fact they have been sitting in front of the five of us for thirty minutes now. When she went to grab the plates that were cold she spilled the untouched mussel juice all over the table and then looked at us and goes that was cold for you, the bowl burnt my hand....? I immediately looked at her and suggested she should try one so she could correct what she just rudely said. Our meal then came out before our appetizer which was four sushi rolls. These rolls came on one plate without one word being spoken - which roll was which? Any allergies? Nope, nothing. About twenty minutes later our appetizer was brought to the table with a nice snarky attitude and comment that we definitely didn't order - "I have food that wasn't hot enough for you guys." This comment stopped me dead in my tracks due to the fact this isn't my first rodeo with the service industry. Are your servers and management trained properly? She put the food on the table and quickly left without following up with her rude comment. The waitress didn't come back or check in on us once the food hit the table which also is ridiculous for fine dining. The woman who dropped off our appetizers and rude comment was then at the table next to us about twenty minutes later so we called her over again to ask her for the manager where we were absolutely shocked to find out she was one - to our surprise she was the assistant manager. I then asked her what she meant by her prior comment about our "food not being hot enough" and that let her know  we felt disrespected and found it very rude. She smiled and said that the bowl "burnt her hand" when she picked it up from the table. This is wild because well.. the bowl of mussels was sitting on our table for about 40 minutes at that point. Anyways - after going back and forth with the "manager" she told us she would take the "cold appetizers" off and walked away. Our waitress again did not come back once until it was time for the bill to be dropped off. Our waitress dropped it off and said thank you, have a great night. Not ONE apology, not ONE person taking accountability for the absolutely awful service and cold food. On our way out we asked for the manager since the woman with the glasses claimed to be the assistant manager - nope apparently she's the general manager now. As we were walking out, the "general/assistant manager" was standing at the front desk with a big smile on her face. She looked at us and told us to have a great night very loud and proud.

    Shame on your team & management. I do not recommend this place to anyone who visits the area who is looking for a nice meal & great service. You're better off hitting the chick-fil-A that's not too far away.

    One star is far too much but was our only option. Bless your hearts.

    thumb Nicole B.